I am a real time visual effects artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I create special effects (magic spells, fires, tornadoes, portals, explosions, muzzles, water, etc.) for video games and really any visual project that requires real-time special effects.


I worked at Unity Games for 5 years. Over the years at Unity I gained different skills by being in different roles. I was a tester, then a leader of a huuuge and lovely team, and then a content specialist in the Asset Store. I have seen thousands of assets and projects and have trained my eyes and wits to know what is quality content. While working at Unity I decided to pivot my career to a VFX Artist and it’s so far it’s one of the best decisions that I made. After deciding to leave Unity, I joined an indie studio called Golem House, we were building RPG games. Currently, I am having a blast and working at Tuatara, a creative studio focusing on indie game development and VFX outsourcing for interactive experiences.


I also finished my studies of Multimedia and Computer design in 2020, where I gained my IT bachelor’s diploma. I am very well acquainted with 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, digital painting, and the process of making video games, movies, and short films.




3 yrs

Freelance VFX Artist

Mar 2019 – Present

-Publishing assets on the Asset Store

-Creating real-time visual effects for clients and providing support



1 yr+

VFX Artist

Dec 2022 – Present

-Creating hand-crafted visual effects to be used in real-time game assets

-Technical setup, integration, and troubleshooting of game assets in a real-time game engine.

-Work with senior management to ensure timely completion of work at the desired quality bar.

-Serve as an active participant in team discussions and reviews.

-Proactively solicit and provide feedback and critique.

-R&D on new industry technology and trends to improve the studio’s visual quality and efficiency.




Golem House
1 yr

VFX Artist

Nov 2021 – Oct 2022

-Creating real-time visual effects for characters, environments and gameplay

-Optimizing visual effects to work optimally on the target platform

-Working closely with developers and artists while creating and implementing visual effects assets


Steam page

unity cute

Unity Technologies
5 yrs

Content Specialist

Oct 2018 – Aug 2021

-Assessing provider’s submissions to make sure they’re professionally designed, marketed, and in line with our quality standards

-Maintaining compliance of regional intellectual property restrictions

-Communicating with our Asset Store publisher community, providing assistance, feedback, and advice

-Troubleshooting technical support inquiries from users and developers

-Keeping on top of modern trends in content and game development

-Creating and maintaining internal and external documentation

-Creating VFX for various projects

QA Lead

Aug 2017 – Sep 2018

-Contributed and perfected the bug reporting workflows and other processes

-I was in charge of overall strategy and direction for the team

-Supported my team members and set them up for success in their job

-Organized trainings for my team and kept them motivated

-Made sure that my team’s interaction with customers is positive and constructive

-I was responsible for the hiring process and constantly was on the lookout for new talented people to join my team

Attended various trainings/workshops/presentations about leadership, time management and presentation skills.

Junior QA Engineer

Aug 2016 – Aug 2017

-Worked with customers to reproduce their bug reports in-house

-Collaborated with other testers and developers in an agile environment

-Mostly worked with cases related to crashes and VR

-Trained new employees on my team





Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Bachelor of Information Technology, Multimedia and Computer Design

2016 - 2020

Final thesis 'The creation of real-time visual effects for video games using 'Visual Effect Graph' technology'.