What I’ve learned working for 2+ years as a VFX Artist in games
First of all, I wanted to write this post back in the fall when it was my official 2 years of being employed as a VFX Artist but I always found some kind of excuse not to do it. I thought...
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5 things I wish I knew before becoming a VFX Artist [presentation]
This summer I did a presentation '5 things I wish I knew before becoming a VFX Artist' for DevGamm Vilnius 2023. I didn't do a technical talk, but rather a very soft one...
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How to create a slamming AoE [presentation]
Hey! I recently presented how I created three ‘area of effect’ effects for an upcoming indie title ‘Treasure Tile‘. It includes three versions of the effect:...
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5 useful ShaderGraphs for visual effects and game development [Unity, ShaderGraph]
In this blog post, I would love to share with you 5 useful ShaderGraphs that will help you create visual effects! Whether you are just starting to learn how to create visual effects...
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Diving into Color / Tips & Tricks I use for using color
Color is one of the most powerful tools at the hand of the artist, yet so many of us ignore it and don’t practice it. I make or made the same mistakes as you and by no means I...
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How to create a low-lying fog effect with Unity's ShaderGraph
When I was searching the web and looking for different ways to create fog effects, I noticed that most tutorials used Shuriken and smoke texture animation sheets. In addition, the fog...
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