Electrical Sparks VFX [HDRP]

This is a simple personal project which I created for Asset Store using Unity’s Visual Effect Graph (I am quite a big fan of the feature). I created in total six variations of sparks, two variations for hanging objects such as lamps, two variations for objects that will have the sparks flying sideways (TVs, radios, fuse box), and two variations for floor objects such as cables. All of the object variations contain a ‘burst’ variation which emits all particles at one time and a ‘constant’ variation which emits particles constantly. I love combining these two variations for a better result!

In total three textures were used: smoke texture sheet, spark texture, and spark base texture. All of the created VFX consists of three systems in the Visual Effect Graph which renders the textures except the floor spark variations since I wanted them to have no smoke. I also used different color palettes for the floor sparks to make them look colder. Below on the left, you can see the colors that I chose of hanging sparks and sideways sparks, and on the right, you can see floor spark colors.

The 3D models: lamp, fuse box, and cables were created by my friend Eduard Rudoman while the textures were created by Gest.

Below you can see the early stages of the project – not everything at the start has to be perfect. I used the placeholder models from Unity’s Asset Store.

This project was super fun to make even though it is quite simple. I really enjoy making stuff on Visual Effect Graph and making it usable in-game environments.