Insect VFX [HDRP]

This is a simple personal project which I created for Asset Store using Unity’s Visual Effect Graph. In total 6 insect effects were created: two variations of cockroaches (one with lifetime and one without), two variations of moth swarms (fast & tight and loose), and two variations of flies (small swarm and bigger swarm). All insect variations are scalable and can be easily adjusted – particle count, particle size, swarm size, etc. can be easily tweaked with exposed parameters.

In total, three textures were created for this project: cockroach animation sheet, fly animation sheet & moth wing tile texture. The cockroach and fly animation sheet is hand drawn and animated, while the moth wings were taken from open license stock images and then edited into a texture with some corrections. Actually this time I pleasantly surprised myself with my drawing skills, it turned out exactly how I wanted it to turn out!

For this package, I also textured three models with Substance Painter: a dumpster, a trash bag, and a lamp. Awesome to see my texturing skills improving and also happy to see that I am building up speed. 3D models created by Eduard Rudoman.