Steam VFX [HDRP]

This is a simple personal project which I created for Asset Store using Unity’s Visual Effect Graph. In total 6 steam effect variations were created for different scenarios: steam from the floor grating (both lit and unlit), steam from the hanging ventilators on the walls (both lit and unlit), and steam from the rooftop ACs (both lit and unlit). All steam variations are scalable and can be easily adjusted – colors, particle count, velocity, etc. can be easily tweaked with exposed parameters:

In total, one texture animation sheet was used, which was simulated in EmberGen. All of the created VFXs consist of one system and have particle-lit or unlit variations. Some of the parameters are exposed for easy tweaking.

I wanted to go a little extra and also create & texture the 3D models: grating, ventilator, and rooftop. The models were created in Blender and then textured in Substance Painter.