Valorant – Sunset VFX

Tuatara was responsible for the environment VFX on Valorant’s Sunset map. Me and Christian Gonzalez, with the support of Bruno Afonseca collaborated with Riot’s VFX, Environment and Concept artists.

  • Kingdom building with several bespoke mesh based effects, plus particle sparks. VFX on sinkhole in front of building (not pictured) made by Valeria Yang.
  • Destroyed tower with Radianite effects seen from the gameplay perspective.
  • Destroyed tower with Radianite effects seen from a couple of different angles.
  • Central area in the map with gentle and unobtrusive ambient effects to avoid interfering with gameplay.
  • Fountain using a mix of material techniques.
  • Market zone in the map showing a large variety of ambient VFX such as light shafts, glows, dust motes and vertex shader moths. Worked in tandem with Valeria Yang on this area.

Tuatara VFX Team (Artstation):

Riot Team (Artstation):