Valorant – Sunset VFX

Tuatara was responsible for the environment VFX on Valorant’s Sunset map. Me and Christian Gonzalez, with the support of Bruno Afonseca collaborated with Riot’s VFX, Environment and Concept artists.

Treasure Tile

Treasure Tile is a unique role-playing experience that combines tactical mechanics with real-time hack-and-slash gameplay in a rich and deep procedurally-generated world. Treasure Tile fuses the strategic possibilities of a tile-based game with the fast-paced action of a real-time hack-and-slash into a completely unique blend. You can build your skills, explore procedurally generated biomes, quest, …

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Edensol is an RPG game that draws heavy inspiration from a game called Three Goblets. You can choose a class and battle increasingly stronger monsters. The monsters occasionally drop armor pieces, swords, and other rare and collectible gear items that players can then use to become stronger, level up, or trade. As players become stronger, …

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Attack VFX 02

For this project, I really wanted to get a little deeper into Substance Designer for texture making and also practice making some slashes. The 3D models were created by momomo publisher on the Asset Store and you can get the character package here and the environment package here. Software I used:Unity (2020.2.1f1) – for creating …

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Attack VFX 01

While doing this project, I had a few goals in mind. The first was to practice groundbreak simulations in Houdini, the second was to make texture transition shaders and the third was to do some scripting and set up some VFX systems. The animations and character models were taken from Mixamo, the greatsword was taken …

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Insect VFX [HDRP]

This is a simple personal project which I created for Asset Store using Unity’s Visual Effect Graph. In total 6 insect effects were created: two variations of cockroaches (one with lifetime and one without), two variations of moth swarms (fast & tight and loose), and two variations of flies (small swarm and bigger swarm). All …

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Steam VFX [HDRP]

This is a simple personal project which I created for Asset Store using Unity’s Visual Effect Graph. In total 6 steam effect variations were created for different scenarios: steam from the floor grating (both lit and unlit), steam from the hanging ventilators on the walls (both lit and unlit), and steam from the rooftop ACs …

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